End of March

(by Anna Ådén)

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Arthur Rackham, Looking Very Undancey Indeed

(by Julia Fjelddalen)

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Charles de Lint, The Onion Girl

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Kiki Smith, Blue Girl, 1998

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(by þórarinn.einarsson)

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“From the garden rose the sound of bees
that lurched and wobbled through the peonies.
We ate eggs, French toast, drank milk that warmed
in minutes in the sun while fat drones swarmed
and looped like drunkards in the purple field.
On the porch we heard their bodies yield
to wills their fuzzy minds don’t understand.
They smelled the stains of syrup on your hand
and one, in gold-encrusted drunken strut,
smeared pollen from its mandibles and gut
along your wrist. That morning you had tied
your hair, and as you rose and ran inside,
it gently bounced, and loosed, and then unfurled.
If the next is better, I’ll still miss this world.”

Michael Lavers, Coda

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(by cosestesse)

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Anonymous: Do you think having an inner landscape helps you deal when thinks get tough and you want to escape?

Yes, definitely. Always. It’s the best, most beautiful, most comforting place(s) in the world. And it’s always with me.

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tried to experiment with making patterns. I think I got carried away. It looks too much like an Easter egg now! It’s rather small (3in in diameter), but it took A LOT of time to do. Nevertheless, I think I will continue to explore patterns and such, though next time I won’t get carried away with the colors.

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that which i love (by i enrapture)

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