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Mark Rothko, Green Over Blue, 1956

To take a breath of water: does the thought panic or excite you?
— Maggie Nelson, Bluets
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Mark Demsteader

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My sister told me a soul mate is not the person
who makes you the happiest but the one who
makes you feel the most, who conducts your heart

to bang the loudest, who can drag you giggling
with forgiveness from the cellar they locked you in.
It has always been you. You are the first

person I was afraid to sleep next to,
not because of the fear you would leave
in the night but because I didn’t want to wake up

ungracefully. In the morning, I crawled over
your lumbering chest to wash my face and pinch
my cheeks and lay myself out like a still-life

beside you. Your new girlfriend is pretty
like the cover of a cookbook. I have said her name
into the empty belly of my apartment. Forgive me.

When I feel myself falling out of love with you,
I turn the record of your laughter over, reposition
the needle. I dust the dirty living room of your affection.

I have imagined our children. Forgive me. I made up
the best parts of you. Forgive me. When you told me
to look for you on my wedding day, to pause

on the alter for the sound of your voice
before sinking myself into the pond of another
love, forgive me. I mistook it for a promise.

― Sierra DeMulder, “Love, Forgive Me” (via fleurishes)

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I’m here.

I’m not dead.

I got quiet and distracted and fell into another place. So sorry.

I never meant to neglect some of you, and I have missed you, and I might still be quiet for a bit more, but I’m coming back slowly.

My birthday is soon and things are changing maybe, and it’s a bit confusing, but kinda hopeful too.

And yes. Hi, I’ve missed you.

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Never quit

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Jusepe de Ribera. Detail from The Holy Family with Saints Anne and Catherine of Alexandria, 1648.

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Pablo Picasso, Les deux amies 

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Prague. (by ewitsoe)

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Katie Scott.

Excellent illustrations by Katie Scott:

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1. It’s like her body makes forgiveness
the way mine makes blood.
The way it flows from her when she’s injured

2. She says “There is no such thing as destiny
There is nothing you can’t control.”
But she is wrong. She is so, so wrong.

3. I choke on my secrets. I show her my scars.
She says “Memories, are like family,
you can always walk away.” (She hasn’t
seen her father since high school)

4. She’s one of those anarchists
that’s really just hopeful.
Revolutionaries that in their hearts
are still children with tree branch swords.
Deep down, she believes the world is perfectible.

― On Loving An Optimist (via colinfirth)

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Brother Rabbit by William Morris. Reproduction by Scalamandre.

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