End of March

This is me and SleepyBear, except I’m moominpappa and he’s moominmamma

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Russian cover for East, by Edith Pattou
(really really good retelling of the fairy tale East O’ the Sun, West O’ the Moon — recommended)
Artist: Lomaev Anton

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day.

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“I only want to live in peace and plant potatoes and dream!” 

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felimath: You are lovely MJ, and more than that; you are so very real. Yours is not the loveliness of glitter and ghosts, that so many try to capture. Yours is the light shining from within, the little lantern of the heart. Some will mock you for this, for your honesty, your bravery, your joy. They are so used to artifice and veils, they can not truly face the Sun. Do not let them snuff your little light. Keep burning, that we may warm our hands and hearts by your sincerity. Love, S.

I’m speechless.
Oh dear, thank you. I will cherish this, I will. xxx

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pavorst-deactivated20120105: What do you keep inside your heart?

Everything, unfortunately. Sometimes I have to open the door and let some things get blown away by the wind. It gets too heavy otherwise.

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The Detectives:
Sherlock Holmes / Hercule Poirot / Columbo

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One afternoon at the end of August, Moominpappa was walking about in his garden feeling at a loss. He had no idea what to do with himself, because it seemed everything there was to be done had already been done or was being done by somebody else.

Moominpappa aimlessly pottered about in his garden, his tail dragging along the ground behind him in a melancholy way. Here, down in the valley, the heat was scorching; everything was still and silent, and not a little dusty. It was the month when there could be great forest fires, the month for taking great care.

-Tove Jansson (words and illustration), from Moominpappa at Sea, 1965
Translated by Kingsley Hart

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Irkutsk (?) - boy on small sledge pulled by 3 bear cubs

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(by krystalc)

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Anonymous: what do you wish to do with your life?

I’m not quite sure I have a more precise idea than something along the lines of “art & books & being a decent human being & happiness”.
I am not a very ambitious person.
You know, I mostly wish to have a grand time, lots of fun, discover a few things, see places, and plenty of days where I get to browse the internet all day or watch TV in my pj’s. I don’t think there is anything else to do with life than just live it as much on your own terms as you can.

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Anonymous: I love all of your 8tracks mixes! What are some of your favorite music albums?

Thank you!
Here are some of my favorites (some old loves, some new):

Those are just some of the albums I like.

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from The Beatrice Letters, by Lemony Snicket

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