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rosemary milner

love her stuff, but she makes me feel totally inadequate. Her embroideries are beautiful.

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I shan’t ever be a writer I think. I keep loosing my words, they scatter on my wooden floors, like the pearls of a broken necklace, and no matter how many I pick up again, there always seem to be some missing. And every time it happens I loose some more, until one day I will be left with prepositions and articles and empty stories that don’t tell anything and nobody wants to read, while my words continue to live happily without me between the cracks in the floor and the dark, dusty corners of my bedroom.

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I really love Ron (and him and Hermione together)

Caresse Sur L'Océan

Les Choristes OST ⋅ Les Choristes OST

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Caresse Sur L’Océan - Les Choriste

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oh, Lucy.

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I’m offering 10$ prints of my literary character portraits in my shop. You can customize your own prints by choosing your three favorite characters. this offer will last until November 25th.

→ BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Warhorses of Letters

Comedy by Marie Phillips and Robert Hudson. Napoleon and Wellington’s horses exchange love letters against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Starring Stephen Fry and Daniel Rigby
(click to listen to the first episode)

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I am waiting for something extraordinary to happen.

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from The Beatrice Letters, by Lemony Snicket

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I’ve added really nice prints of my Plaid Girls series, Little Queens series and Sleeping Forest series in the shop.

Most importantly though, I am now offering customize prints of my literary girls (and boys). You get to choose your three favorite characters for a wonderful 8 x 6 print!
this offer will only last until November 25th!!!

So take a look if you are interested! xxx

p.s. only two days until the end of the postcard giveaway!

Everyone has it in them to express themselves that fundamental thing that they know they are inside. That rather beautiful afraid person. Which might get translated into aggression, or silence, or shyness, or all kinds of other things. But inside we know that we are huggable and lovable, and we want to love and be loved. That person is yearning for fulfillment. To be the person they know they can be and that’s a constant journey; that’s a process. It’s not acquiring about this thing and then that thing, getting to this place, learning this technique, and finding out how this works. It’s about the fact that other people are always more interesting than oneself. Let’s forget what successful people have in common, if there’s a thing unsuccessful people have in common it’s that they talk about themselves all the time.

― Stephen Fry (What I Wish I’d Known When I Was 18)

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(by sarahgevirtzman)

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currently reading

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