End of March

doing light research on reindeer herding in Sami culture.

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herding reindeer in Lapland

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The Fragility of Innocence. Detail. By straymoon

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currently listening the audiobook to this book. It’s wonderful for dark, grey, gloomy days.


from Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie.

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If I were to light this on fire to keep me warm through the night, could you really blame me if I put all the broken promises you made, all the empty words, and the reproachful looks, all the disappointments? I can see no better way for them (for you) to go than to blaze red, orange and blue and be only ashes in the morning, pounded into the dirt by the rain, and left behind as I look into the clear skies and follow the geese home.

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fun Halloween-ish movies:

(movies to watch this month that are NOT horror and are gore-less)

I love those, any more suggestions?

Suggested by followers (thank you!):

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Blustery Saturdays; window panes shuddering and the wind whistling between the cracks, it sounds like a high-pitched voice, a warning sign against the world, against the grey sky falling and the earth opening. The trees shivering in their state of undress, bending and twisting under the force of the gale, resisting the dispossession of their limbs, clinging with might to their poor wilted leaves, faltering. I think they might whimper under the assault, but their voices are swallowed before they can drown the air with their loss.
Guns were ringing in the distance when I saw seven deer in the fields, all tall and alarmed. They know who is coming for them soon. Their nervous flight was crowned by a gaggle of geese flying south, their cries resonating in my veins. Calling calling calling. I am a child of Spring, but have left home for the wilder, darker terrains of Autumn, the colder, stiller landscapes of Winter.
Funny that I am most happy when the trees are lamenting.

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the truth about october


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meri✦meri✧meri✦christmas✧special little online shop ( 11/10 - 11/27 ) (by o l y)

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(by Tweedosaurus)

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