End of March

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Mycroft & Sherlock (looking rather good, if I do say so myself)

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Schaatsen / Ice skates (by Nationaal Archief)

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(by Hanne//Beatle)

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I kinda have this desire to dress in tweed jackets, sweater vests and ties…
Not that I own any of these things, but I think it would be interesting to see how I feel in them.

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miss potter. (by gingerlillytea)

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Hermione Granger / Harry Potter / Ron Weasley

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140 plays


danny elfman - ice dance (edward scissorhands OST)

for winter dreams

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The Wood Wife, Terri Windling

This is one of my very favourite book. I really recommend it.

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christmas presents (by fiiikus)

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I love the smell of coffee, the taste of liquorice, and the feeling of grass on bare feet. (by weissewiese)

I love the smell of wood fires on a cold night in Autumn, the taste of the very first cup of coffee in the morning, and the feeling of slipping into my bed after a long day at work.

And you? (by growing-orbits)

I like the smell of pinecones picked for fall time memories, the taste of freshly brewed vanilla tea, and being enveloped by a warm blanket on cold nights. (by elvedon)

I love billowing cumulus clouds that tell of storms in the near future, and the deep crimson of fallen autumn leaves that crunch as I drive on country roads, and instrumentals that make me ache so much that I just have to cry to release my admiration for all that beauty. (by pattiocleavis)

I love the cold, crisp smell of snow on Autumn wind, that whispers “I am coming, I am coming”. I love the taste of warm tea with milk and lots of sugar, and some warm buttered bread as it rains outside, deafening sound on the metal roof. and I love the feeling of warm clean sheets, quilts, and soft bare skin on mine as I go to sleep. (by endofmarch)

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Anne Frank, by Angela Barrett

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