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P. G. Wodehouse

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Egon Schiele 

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dearest, thank you. I have no words. xxx

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House Mottos

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thepiratesheart-deactivated2012: Hello darling. I'm on the quest for lovely writing blogs to follow. Tumblrs that post (preferably their own) bits of beautiful writing.. can be drabbles, poetry, journals, whatever. You post such lovely stuff - any recs?

Of course, dear (some I’ve just started following myself, but I’ll still recommend them because maybe they’ll please you too, some post more pictures than writings, but I find that their words are worth following them for when they do post them. So I’ll recommend a lot, and you can explore and choose the ones you prefer. I love them all, really)
In no particular order:

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the quietest word:
the sound that a heart makes
as letters of love unrequited
fall hand in hand with rain,
thunderstorms engulfed.
a soft sigh, helpless.

defeated and in wound,
unraveling like melting snow
on an unexpected seep of blood
stained on white silk shirts, pressed.

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ICICLE VOL.1, The Covers
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By the seaside. 

I love this dear xx

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The library always smells like this:
an ancient stew of vinegar and wood.
It’s autumn again,
and I can do anything.

― Dorothea Grossman, In the Library (via grammatolatry)

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