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A morning crocodile for MJ, morning crocodiles is the name of her artblog.

Basil is wonderful wonderful wonderful, and oh so kind (and talented). Thank you, dear!

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from Madeleine is Sleeping, by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

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Curators at Whitechapel Gallery, around 1930

women curators *swoon* - I want to plunged into this picture and chat with them as they assemble their exhibition.

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from Franny & Zooey by J. D. Salinger

I love it when authors are able to write about a very particular emotion, moment, action. etc that is very common, but that you wouldn’t have been ever able to explain or describe even if your life depended on it. And they do it so succinctly and precisely that you immediately recognized the behavior they describe, having come across it time and time again. It always gives me thrills to come across people who command words so well and have such a keen sense of observation.

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currently reading

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I will stop writing you letters, I will stop writing you poems. You do not know how to eat words. All you do is stare at them, dumbfounded and perplexed. Or gulp them up like water, never even setting your teeth into them. You do not know how to chew words, how to roll them on your tongue, and to let them caress your throat, and fall softly in your stomach. How to feel them there warm and soft, or bitter and cold. You do not let them explode under your teeth or melt in your cheeks. You do not know their smell and texture. They are the least of your concern, barely sustenance, decoration, a rare, but ultimately boring, treat, to let rot at the back of a refrigerator, and then throw away with barely a thought. I will not give you any of mine, not anymore, they are too delicious to me, and I am hungry all the time.

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(by Rachel_Finney)

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How I read a book

(previously at either bookstore or library: I read the back of the book, smell the pages, feel the weight of it in my hands, hold it in the crook of my arms, against my chest. If it feels like a story I want to know, and it feels like we could be friends, I bring it home where I:)

How to do fashion illustration


Step 1. Draw what you think an attractive human body looks like.

Step 2. Stretch it out until it’s twice as long as that.

Step 3. Do it again. No, seriously. If it still looks humanly possible, you’re doing it wrong.

Step 4. Now, do it again, but just to the legs this time.


this made me snicker.

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This three-story tower displays photographs from the Yaffa Eliach Shtetl Collection.Taken between 1890 and 1941 in Eishishok, a small town in what is now Lithuania, they describe a vibrant Jewish community that existed for 900 years. In 1941, an SS mobile killing squad entered the village and, within two days, massacred the entire Jewish population.

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Karen Russell - “Haunting Olivia” (from St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves)

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