End of March

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From Persephone’s Letters to Demeter by Nan Fry

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story time | witches coven, individual, discovered, or born. the tongue is a weapon to craft spells of demise or blessing. magic is in the blood, burning the fingertips.

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Paolo Ventura - Winter Stories (2010)

“Scenes from the memory bank of a fictional circus performer as he looks back on his life during his final moments.

Using his own childhood memories, beautiful miniature figures, and extraordinarily detailed sets constructed from props purchased at flea markets, Ventura creates a fictional Northern Italian town where a traveling carnival has stopped.

His work evokes a simpler time from Italy’s past, but with a dark twist—shadowy backdrops and retreating figures remind us that this is not quite Eden.” 

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untitled by Joana Rosa Bragança on Flickr.

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Lucie Rie via The Lucie Rie archives

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Marvin Bell, from “Constant Feelings”

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Anonymous: MJ- where can I find your fanfiction?

it’s somewhere on AO3…um, are you sure you want to read it? It’s nothing like what I write here and, for some, a great deal more explicit (hello, I discovered writing erotica *cough*porn*cough* is fun!)

so yeah. I don’t really want to put it publicly here. That’s why I have a fandom tumblr and all that. I like keeping it separate.

Maybe if you were not anon :P

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forestofdeer: i miss your posts. what are you up to these days?

Fandom stuff. Family stuff. Having lots of panicky moments about the future and burying myself in things that do not matter, but make me happy. It’s a bit of a mess, but not an unhappy one, which makes it a bit dangerous.

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