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Write a paragraph or a short story of the things you love about your boyfriend, and things you love doing together :) if you don’t mind. I love your writings x

When we watch TV you always let me put my feet on your lap, and you always smile when I giggle or snort. You watch cheesy movies just to make me happy, and I can’t help but look at you from the corner of my eye and smile a secret smile when I see that you are enjoying it. You always shine.
We invent our own language, making up words as we go along. Onomatopoeias become verbs and we always conjugate in the third person singular. We have our own dictionary written in our chests. I can feel yours when I touch the space between your shoulderblades.

You take me to bookstores and libraries. You understand my need for them. They are treasure troves for us to pilfer. We are pirates of the written word. You hold an Orson Scott Card in your hand, I hold a Virginia Wolfe, and we always grin at each other through the aisles, I take yours you take mine. Reading each other’s back covers is something we do side by side.
Going to movies is an adventure. You always hold my hand in the moments where it gets too dark. We slip into a second movie after the first one, casually crossing hallways, pretending we are who we are not. I’m always so nervous and take off my coat or undo my hair, put my glasses in my pocket in hope the disguise will prevail. We are thieves of the moving pictures.

We take decisions by playing rock-paper-scissors, it seems like a fair way to make compromises. I also seem to loose more, but I never mind. You always go down to close to lights so I don’t have to stand in the dark, I always wake you up as you like to sleep late in the mornings. You always make mix cds for the car, and always put songs I can sing to.

I can sit for hours in a room without talking to you, but knowing you are close, a few steps away, a few kisses lingering in the air, it is the safest, warmest place I have ever known.

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First Aid Kit - Universal Soldier (cover)

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paul villinski

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'Endurance' heeled to port by the ice (by National Maritime Museum)

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Artis, bruine beer Frida eerste maal buiten met drieling (by Nationaal Archief)

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draw down the oaks and ashes (by Courtney Brooke)

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the water (by erica jewell)

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