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Anonymous: i think heels prolly hurt more for you just cause youre fat. i promise theyre not that bad for the rest :)








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Some people need others to say to them that their habits are unhealthy, in order to believe it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

I still think it’s condescending. Most people know that they have bad habits. But I guess it depends on the relationship you have with the person. And there’s a difference, I think, between telling them you’re a bit worried about them, and telling them that what they’re doing is unhealthy. The first only shows concern, but still leaves it to them to take decisions about their body (though there’s a fine line there. Too many people show ‘concern’ which only serves to make people feel guilty about things you yourself don’t agree with), the second belittles their intelligence, autonomy and capability to take their own decisions.

But I think it’s NEVER acceptable to do it to perfect strangers on the street, on the internet, or anywhere. 

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Note to people:

policing other people’s health is not okay and makes you a self-righteous douche.

Smokers know smoking is bad for them, fat people know that they are fat (not that being fat means you’re unhealthy, but a truck load of people seem to jump to that conclusion nevertheless). People know that going out drinking three nights in a row is probably really bad for their liver, and that eating junk food is bad, and that eating that tub of ice cream for dinner is not the healthiest of plan, and that never exercising is not necessarily a good thing. Okay, THEY KNOW.

Do yourself, and everyone around you and on the internet and in the whole world a favour: mind your own business.


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Erwina Ziomkowska

Two kilograms of pins are hammered into high heels, visually communicating the pain women sometimes put themselves through to fit the societal definition of beauty.

that’s basically how I feel almost every time I wear high heels (and they’re not even that high). Jesus Christ, who ever thought that was a good idea?

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I can’t write a lot of letters these days for epistolary-ships, because every time I sit down to try and write something this is the only thing I want to write:

Dear [insert whatever],

                                   Fuck you.

yours not so truly,


I’ve just realized that I’ve had this tumblr for 4 years…same url and all, though it has changed a lot from the beginning.


untitled by Among Dreams on Flickr.

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niagara falls, 1989, andreas gursky

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Peter - Daughter.

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Me too. I’m sorry. I hope you’re all right. <3

yes. just…people being douches ruining the good things and NOT THINKING.
Also, basically, this: