End of March

SleepyBear just ordered those for me. 
Best partner EVER.

Avengers: Children’s Crusade
Fables, Deluxe Edition Book Three
Fables, Deluxe Edition Book Four 

The covers on the bed are cool, and almost damp with the humidity of the air coming through the opened windows. It smells like rain, wet leaves and grass. There are squirrels fighting on the roof of my house. And cicadas singing in the distance. 
I am tired and sleep-deprived, but I don’t mind because I woke up curled against his body. 

Today is: editing stories, Sarah Slean and a bowl of cherries.

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Anonymous: do you have any favourite korean films?

Ooooh, I haven’t watched Korean movies in such long time (I should really get back to it - so I’m not in touch with the most recent ones).

Um, I really liked The Host (best monster movie EVER), and My Sassy Girl was a very good romantic movie (Koreans are really good at romance, even if they tend to go into the melodramatic a bit too much for my taste). LOVED Hansel and Gretel (especially for the visuals). In uni I wrote a paper on Samaritan Girl by Kim Ki-Duk (such an interesting filmmaker, 3-Iron was also really good). Also, I liked The King and the Clown.
And also a whole bunch of romantic comedies that I am too ashamed to name due to the serious amount I have watched. Way too much.

Koreans are so good at horror too, I’ve been meaning to watch A Tale of Two Sisters for a while. But I am a wuss and I don’t really watch horror so…
Also violent/action films like Old Boy, and Infernal Affairs (on which The Departed was based) and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance are probably worth watching. Though, ofter very violent.

I KNOW I am forgetting so so so many, I think I had made a list somewhere to keep track, but I can’t find it right now…

I also used to watch TONS of super cheesy romantic dramas. It was great.

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Paintings by Noil Klune

Click each image to see the title.

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it does not suffice
to tuck yourself
in a suitcase

         (and get your hair caught in the zipper and
         chafe your skin against the leather and squeeze 
         your toes between
         the socks and ugly underwear, and block
         your ears, so they don’t hear
         the sharp, clear sound of the locks as they 
         close, with finality,

you have
to carry it 

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Jennifer Angus
brightly coloured insects pinned directly to the wall in kaleidoscopic patterns

I gallery sat for now of her show. It was great. All these victorian wallpaper-like patterns created with insects. I helped set up the show as well. Lost track of how many of these little (and huge) insects I’ve handled to pin on the walls of the gallery.

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Anonymous: get a life. get out of your apartment.

NO. It’s cold and dark and there are people out there.

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I’ve just realized that I actually haven’t been out of my apartment in a little over a week (except for that one time Thursday morning to put the trash on the side of the road).
Well, I obviously lead an exciting life.
Have to go buy food tomorrow though. Then I can hole up for another week or something… 

Anonymous: You don't have to know what kind of stories you want to tell, you just have to know how to tell them.

truth. x

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People ask what kind of stories do you want to tell? And I never know how to answer really, because it’s irrelevant, I think. A children’s book, a short story, a weird magical realism novel, a young adult trilogy, a fantasy epic, a love story, it doesn’t matter to me in the end. Not really.
Maybe…maybe I just want to write something devastatingly honest, but never, ever cruel. 

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I think I’m just waiting for the day when I’ll move to Ireland. 

→ Sarah McCarry: What I Did the Summer After I Graduated

(Beautiful. and maybe a little too close to home. I don’t know, I don’t know.)

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