End of March

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okay, I didn’t know John Green was on tumblr? That’s pretty cool. I should really read some of his books (I like his and Hank’s videos)

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Anonymous: How have you managed to hold so many jobs? The art gallery and the boat dock both sound incredible! Also, you've mentioned before that you dislike teaching (I don't remember it's just the teaching or if you dislike children as well). I was just wondering what is the reason for that? There's no problem with it of course. You just seem like the type to me who would enjoy children and teaching. Then again, that may just be because I know you enjoy children's and young adult literature. Sorry!

haha, um, I’m 28?

And a lot of those are like summer jobs. 
The art gallery was so awesome you have noooo idea. It was amazing. It totally makes up for the fact that the degree I got at my uni (where the gallery was) is pretty much useless because of the way the uni worked.

It’s the children part thing that I don’t like. It felt too much like babysitting. Actually I should have put babysitting on the worst list as well…(will do that). I hate doing discipline and children are noisy. I’m actually good with them. But I don’t like dealing with them that much, especially not in groups. I’ve worked 5 years with teenagers (not on the list because I wasn’t paid), and I MUCH MUCH preferred that (it was pretty awesome in fact - was working with the drama teacher at the local high school putting on plays and such. Lots of fun.) My favourite classes when I was in Korea were the ones with middle-school kids. But I didn’t have many of those.
I think I would enjoy teaching adults or like at the university level if I were teaching something that I’m passionate about. It’s not gonna happen though so *shrugs*. 

best/worst jobs I’ve had



among others.

Daydreaming about going back to uni to study Creative Writing. Then thinking that no no no, I can figure it out on my own without spending thousands of dollars again, right? RIGHT?
I’ve been out of uni long enough to start romanticizing it again. Ain’t that nice? 

Also: I has wine and it is good.

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Anonymous: i feel so stupid asking this but what does 'fractal ferocity' mean, those two words just don't seem to make sense together but the obviously do somehow, please help? xx

I…actually don’t have the book it is from with me, so I can’t give you the context in which it was used.

But, it’s really irrelevant.

If you want to get technical about it, fractal comes from the French fractal, which comes from the Latin fractus which means broken or fragmented/fragment (or something along those lines). It’s usually used as a noun in mathematics.

A fragmented/broken/splintering/maybe even shattering or/exploding ferocity.

It’s poetry. 

It’s less about what it means, and more about what it evokes.
Plus, the alliteration is just delicious :)

p.s. It’s not stupid. Don’t feel stupid. x

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Anonymous: who was your first love? Your first crush?

Anne Shirley; Han Solo.

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In Bed, 1893
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

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Vincent Van Gogh and yellow

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Waves Breaking against the Wind, J. M. W. Turner, c. 1840

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my fic has become a monster. It’s about 18,000 words long and FAR from finished. This is officially the longest thing I’ve ever written, even if it’s mostly crap.
I’m glad to see that I can actually do it and write something that is longer than a single paragraph. Working out the problems I have with plot through it too. Which is good.
But seriously, 18,000 words. I’m impressed with myself, even if it’s not that quality.  

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Norwegian Wood (2010)

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