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Ivan Aivazovsky, Rough Sea at Night, 1853

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supernovaae: Hello, will you publish your fanfiction some day? It looks nice and I will be pleased/enthousiast to read it. Have a nice day :-)


It’s on LJ right now. Being posted/updated anonymously as an answer to a prompt.

Once it’s finished I’ll probably post it on my AO3 account (Archive of Our Own). I’ll probably cry and be so happy about it, I’ll write about it here so you’ll know :)

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Anonymous: What is your fanfic about? :)

It’s about two 13 year-old boys. One is in love with the other and he’s confused and a bit scared because well, he’s 13 and it’s all about sexual awakening but he’s also in love with a BOY etc.
And then he outs himself by mistake and he has to come to terms with that. The other boy is also severely confused.

The whole fic will follow them as they grow up, until they’re 18. It’s from the first boy POV and it’s a lot about him trying to shake this early love that just clings to him no matter what, and it feels a bit like drowning because they’re teenagers and that’s what it’s like when you’re that young.
The other boy will be too scared to come out, but there will be lots of secret kisses and hand holding, and more frustrations and confusions and love declarations etc. And it’s all a big mess.

But it’s mostly how they emancipate themselves, find themselves, and then find each other. Or something like that. 

I probably make it sound way better than it is…

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my fanfic is now ~12,500 words long and I’m nowhere close to be finished.
This is officially the longest thing I’ve ever written.

Anonymous: Long distance relationships...Have you ever been in one? What is your opinion of them?

I’ve been long-distance with my boyfriend for 10 months once. It sucked. But we made it work. I was miserable, though not only for that. It didn’t help, for sure.

Long-distance relationships are like any other kind of relationship, maybe a bit harder. It depends on the people and it depends on what they want. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. 

I don’t have a general opinion on them, because not one relationship is the same, so…

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Martin Schmidt

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Margaret Sullavan

Unidentified photographer, “Beauties of Today”, Cigarette card, Britain, ca. 1937
‘Torches of Freedom’

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Maurizio Cattelan - Love Lasts Forever, 1999

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Anonymous: favourite Game of thrones character?

the Stark sisters. But mostly Sansa.

(and then ALL OF THE WOMEN - are there any men in that show? I don’t know, and I don’t care)

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Anonymous: i'm the one who asked you about uni. thank you for replying so quick...you're right.you have to go your way and never ever let the fear overtake you. because if you do, then that's the end. you're decapitated.gotta fight it,y'know? again, thank you for being honest and, um, unpressuring (is that even a word? ) . i'll just try to live and be brave. or at least not as fearful as i am now. xx

you are very welcomed.

And yes :) See? You do have some things figured out.

Go out into the world and wear your Bravery like a coat and you’ll find incredible things about you and others and the world along the way.


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Claudine Doury

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